Disney Plus Customer Service

Welcome to the world of Disney Plus! We are so excited to offer this incredible service to our customers.

At Disney Plus, we believe in providing the absolute best customer service experience for all of our users. In this article, we will cover the various ways that users can contact Disney Plus customer service to get answers to their questions and get help with any problems they may have. We will discuss the various ways you can contact Disney Plus customer service, including phone, email, and live chat.

Finally, we will show you how you can use social media to find real answers and support from Disney Plus customer service representatives. With the help of Disney Plus, you can experience all of the classic films, television shows, and original content that only Disney can provide.

Let’s dive in and learn how to make sure you have the most positive Disney Plus experience!

Disney Plus Customer Service
Disney Plus Customer Service

Ways To Contact Disney Plus Customer Service

Phone Number

Customers in the UK and Ireland can contact Disney Plus customer service by phone at 0800-735-097. You can also contact them via Twitter by sending a DM @DisneyPlusUK.


For those who wish to contact Disney Plus customer service via email, you can use the online contact form at https://help. disneyplus. com/contact-us.

You can also contact them via Twitter by sending a DM to @DisneyPlusUK or using the hashtag #DisneyPlusHelp.

Social Media

Disney Plus customer service is available on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Make sure to use the hashtag #DisneyPlusHelp when making inquiries on these platforms.

5 Reasons To Contact The Disney Plus Customer Service

  • To report technical issues or ask for assistance with using the streaming service.
  • To deactivate a subscription.
  • To report inappropriate content.
  • To request assistance in managing parental controls.
  • To request replacement or a refund for defective products.

Alternate Companies


Netflix is a streaming service that allows you to watch a wide variety of TV shows and movies from any device. It also offers an array of original content.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an online streaming service that offers a library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. It is also the official provider of NFL football.


Hulu offers an extensive library of movies and TV shows both as part of their regular subscription and as added features. It also provides access to live television and sports channels.


In conclusion, Disney Plus customer service is available in different ways, such as by phone, email, and social media. It can be used to report technical issues, deactivate subscriptions, report inappropriate content, request assistance with parental controls, or request a refund or replacement for defective products. In addition, many other streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, offer various options for watching movies and TV shows online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DisneyPlus?

Disney+ is an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned and operated by the Media and Entertainment Distribution division of The Walt Disney Company. The service primarily distributes films and television series produced by The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television, with dedicated content hubs for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and the Star brand for select international markets outside the United States. Original films and television series are also distributed on Disney+. In the United States, Disney+ sits alongside Hulu and ESPN+ as Disney’s three primary streaming platforms for the US market.

How much Disney Plus cost?

Disney’s ad-free streaming service will cost $6.99 a month for access to thousands of movies and TV shows.

Alternatively, you can contact Disney Plus Customer Service for further details.

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