M&T Bank Customer Service

Are you a customer of M&T Bank looking for better customer service? Do you have questions about their services? Then, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will tell you all about M&T Bank customer service and provide information about how you can easily get help from them. From finding a local branch to receiving account assistance, I will cover all the details you need to know about receiving the best customer service from M&T Bank.

So, let’s get started, and you will soon know all you need to about this bank’s customer service.

Contacting the M&T Bank Customer Service

M&T Bank provides a variety of customer service options to efficiently address customer’s inquiries. The following step by step approach helps customers learn how to contact M&T Bank customer service for any query or concern:


The customer service department at M&T Bank can be contacted between 8AM and 9PM EST from Monday to Friday and between 9AM and 5PM EST on Saturday and Sunday.

The customer service helpline is available on +1 800 724 2440 where customers can get the answers to their questions related to the working of the services or products.


If customers prefer to get help with email, they can contact the customer service via the email address [email protected]

com. At times, customers may need to wait as email responses might take some time.

Social Media

The social media platforms of the M&T Bank are another way to get the customer care services. They are active on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. Customers can post their queries, opinions, reviews, and complaints on these platforms, and the customer service team will be sure to respond as quickly as possible.

Live Chat

The live chat feature provides customers with the option for a face-to-face conversation. Customers can talk to the customer service team directly over the internet. Live chat is accessible during the normal customer service hours Monday through Sunday.


The customer service team at M&T Bank can also be contacted by fax. The fax number is 716-842-154

Reasons to Contact the M&T Bank Customer Service

Below are few reasons why customers may need to contact M&T Bank customer service:
  • Customers want to open a new M&T Bank account.
  • Customers want to reset their password.
  • Customers need help in downloading the M&T Bank app.
  • Customers have an urgent query in relation to deposits, withdrawals, etc.
  • Customers need help in understanding the terms & conditions of any M&T Bank product.

Alternate Companies

M&T Bank is not the only bank that provides customer service. Other major banks have their own customer service options too. Here are some bank companies customers can consider when looking for customer service options:
  • KeyBank: A regional bank based in Cleveland, Ohio, which provides a wide range of consumer banking and commercial banking products and services.
  • Citibank: A global bank based in New York City that provides a host of services such as consumer banking, corporate banking, private banking, asset management, wealth management and investment banking.
  • Bank of America: A bank based in Charlotte, North Carolina, which offers a host of financial services and products designed to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, and corporate customers.
In conclusion, M&T Bank customer service offers a range of options for customers to get the help they need. Whether customers prefer to call, email, fax or use social media, customer service agents are available to answer your queries. Additionally, if customers prefer to use an alternative bank for customer service solutions, they can consider some of the companies mentioned above.

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