National Grid’s Customer Service

National Grid's Customer Service
National Grid’s Customer Service

National Grid is an international electricity and gas utility company incorporated in England and Wales that operates in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

As a major energy provider, it offers reliable customer service for its customers.

In this blog post, readers will learn how to contact National Grid’s customer service department, as well as five reasons why they should do so.

Furthermore, three alternative companies are briefly discussed in order to provide readers with options if they choose not to use National Grid’s services. 

National Grid’s Customer Service Contact Details

CompanyNational Grid’s
Customer Service Phone Number0800 096 5678

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Ways To Contact National Grid’s Customer Service

1) Phone Support

The quickest way to get help from National Grid is by calling their customer support team at 0800 096 5678. It is important to note that this number does not accept calls from abroad. 

2) Online Resources

National Grid has an extensive online help center with answers to common questions related to their services and billing. Additionally, customers can submit queries through their website or use the online chat feature for more complex issues. 

3) Email Support

Customers can submit a direct email request to customer service via email at 

4) Social Media Support

National Grid also offers support on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, which allow customers to post messages or quickly get in touch with customer service representatives if they have any inquiries about their services.

5 Reasons To Contact The Company’s Customer Service 

1) Get Help With Billing Inquiries

National Grid’s customer service team can help customers understand their bills and answer any questions they may have. 

2) Resolve Technical Issues

If a customer is having difficulty using the company’s services, customer service can provide support and troubleshoot any problems. 

3) Address Complaints

If a customer has an issue with National Grid’s services or policies, customer service can assist in resolving it quickly. 

4) Report Outages

In cases of power outages, customers should contact National Grid’s customer service department to report it and receive updates on when the issue will be resolved. 

5) Request New Services Or Updates Existing Ones 

Customers who want to upgrade their services or add new ones can contact customer service for assistance. 

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3 Alternate Companies

1) EDF Energy

This is a British multinational energy company that provides electricity and gas to residential customers in the United Kingdom. 

2) Scottish Power 

This Scottish energy company offers electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, and business solutions to domestic and commercial customers in Scotland. 

3) SSE (Scottish And Southern Electricity)

Another British multinational energy company, SSE, provides electricity, telecommunications, home services, and energy-related products to residential customers in the United Kingdom. 


National Grid is one of the leading providers of electricity and gas in the United Kingdom, the US, and Canada.

It has an excellent customer service department that is available to help customers with their billing inquiries, technical issues, complaints, and more.

For those looking for alternatives, this post has provided a brief overview of three other companies – EDF Energy, Scottish Power, and SSE (Scottish and Southern Electricity).

Ultimately, it is up to the reader to decide which provider works best for them. 

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