Advanced Bionics Customer Service

Advanced Bionics produces outstanding and successful cochlear implants systems ( a device that moderately recovers hearing disorder) in the world. However, It is attained by Sonova Group and dealing with Phonak since 2009.

Also, It started integrating Phonak technology into their speech processors, starting with the NaĆ­da series. Along with sound processors, the company utilizes Phonak technology for Bluetooth streaming, Easy call, and FM systems.

The company`s base of operations is from California, United States. Moreover, It provides 90- days refund policy. 

You can contact Advanced Bionics Customer Service regarding a return, refund, cancellation of the order or any other related queries.

Advanced Bionics customer service is available Monday through Friday from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm, Standard time. The average waiting time to connect to Advanced Bionics customer care is 4-8 minutes.


Customer Care Number: 1-877-829-0026

Alternatively, you can also go through their official website and for any queries related to our website at customer services.

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