Aflac Customer Service

Welcome to the world of AFLAC customer service! We understand the importance of providing our customers with great service and support at all times. We believe in taking the extra steps necessary to make sure you are fully satisfied with your AFLAC policy and the customer service you receive.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about AFLAC customer service, such as our customer service hours, how to contact us, common user questions and more. We strive to ensure that our customers are kept up to date on information that will help them make the best possible decisions regarding their insurance policies.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about AFLAC customer service, we look forward to helping you out with any policy questions you may have.

Aflac Customer Service
Aflac Customer Service

Contacting Aflac Customer Service

Aflac customers have a few options when it comes to getting assistance with their policies. From representatives on the phone to social media and email, Aflac provides a range of support.


Aflac’s dedicated customer service hotlines are available Mon-Fri 8 am – 5 pm (EST). U. S. Customers: (800) 992-3522 International Customers: (706) 596- 3100


A24-7mailbox is available for customers seeking help with their policies or questions about Aflac. Customers should expect to receive a response within two weeks.

Social Media

Aflac customers can reach out to the company on the official Twitter handle, Facebook page and Instagram accounts. They can leave messages on any of these outlets and expect a response from customer service.

Reasons To Contact Aflac Customer Service

There are several reasons why customers should get in touch with Aflac customer service.

  • Understand coverage of a policy
  • Help with coverage applications
  • Questions about premiums and other fees
  • To ask for tips to help save on premiums
  • Seeking more information on Aflac services

Alternate Companies

Aflac isn’t the only company that offers insurance policies to customers. Here’s three of the most popular alternate companies:


MetLife is a New York-based insurance giant that offers life and health insurance options for individuals and businesses.

State Farm

State Farm boasts one of the largest customer bases with policies for automotive and property insurance, in addition to offering incredible customer service and discounts for those with good driving records.


Allstate is a leading insurer both in the United States and Canada that specializes in property and casualty insurance, as well as offering life and health products.


Aflac customers have plenty of options when it comes to seeking assistance with their policies.

Whether it be by phone, email, or social media, they have several different ways to get in touch with customer service representatives and get the answers they need. Additionally, there are other reputable companies on the market to consider when shopping for a policy. Getting the answers to questions and understanding policy coverage is the top priority for any customer, and Aflac customer service offers the help to succeed.

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