Amerigroup Customer Service

Amerigroup facilitates more than 25 states of the United States with its health insurance and managed health care program.

It service covers nearly 7 million seniors, consumers with disabilities, families with low-income and other needy consumers. 

Amerigroup managed health care products comprise of Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Seniors and People with Disabilities (S/PD).

Moreover, it offers Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) who have a low-income, and Family Care Program according to the different needs of family members. 

Amerigroup’s Medicare Advantage program focuses on low-income medicare beneficiaries with regular medicare plans and special needs plans. 


For queries regarding insurance plan, renew plans, enrollment eligibility, account info, check insured plans, or else, contact Amerigroup Customer Service.

The contact details of Amerigroup Customer Service are provided below. 

Amerigroup Customer Assistance is available 24 hours on all 7 days respectively. However, the average waiting time may vary.


Customer Care Number: 1800-600-4441

Alternatively, you can also contact on their official website and for any other queries related to our website at Customer Service.

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