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Mattress Firm Customer Service

When was the last time, you had a good sleep? For some people it has been a year or even more than that. But, we all know the importance of a proper sleep. So, why not consider an option of buying a new mattress just to pamper yourselves. What is Mattress Firm? Mattress Firm is an American store… Read More »

Instant Pot Customer Service

Choosing a correct kitchenware for ourselves is really important and it should be the best, right? So, we have one of the most Instant Pot. What is Instant Pot? Instant Pot is the provider of kitchenware tools and appliances in Canada. It mainly offers pressure cookers and multi-cookers. It commenced its operations in 2010. You can contact Instant… Read More »

Everlane Customer Service

In this pandemic times, we all prefer shopping online, not just grocery but the clothes as well. Just like Myntra and Shein, there is Everlane. What is Everlane? Everlane brings to you exceptional quality cloth ware from ethical factories with radical transparency. It partners with factories around the world and sources only the finest materials at a very… Read More »

Walmart Customer Service

After Covid-19, grocery delivery has become one of the most important services that are to be provided to people. As it helps in maintaining social distancing, also known as physical distancing by reducing the trips to supermarkets.  Even without Covid-19, grocery delivery is a nice option if you have a busy lifestyle, or you don’t have a grocery… Read More »

Logitech Customer Service

If you wish to buy an electronic item, you would obviously prefer it to buy with a known and reliable store. Logitech is the webstore via which you can buy what you need. What is Logitech? Logitech is a provider of personal computer and tablet accessories. The Company offers portable wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers, PC speakers, PC… Read More »

UBER Customer Service

There are circumstances when you have to go out and you don’t have any vehicle. So at that time, you need a ride to that particular place, right? For that purpose, Uber is made for you. In this article, i.e. Uber Customer Service, we are going to tell you about it customer service and also its alternatives. What… Read More »

Popeyes Customer Service

If you get yourself chicken, then trust me you can light off your mood no matter whatever it is. And imagine if that chicken is from the world’s best chicken maker. Popeyes is one of them. What is Popeyes? Popeyes is an multinational chain of fried chicken. It was established in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is… Read More »

PayPal Customer Service

Like in old times, if you have to do an online transaction let that be an international transaction also, you can do it just by sitting at your home in your comfort. PayPal is an application for the same. What is PayPal? PayPal Holding Inc. is an American Company that works on an online payment system in most… Read More »

Domino’s Customer Service

Deciding what pizza you want to have and with what toppings can be quite difficult. Don’t worry domino’s has made this easy. Now, you have ample of choices for the pizza toppings and many other things. What is Domino’s? Domino’s is an American worldwide food accommodation restaurant chain, mainly focuses on Pizza. However, the menu differs by region. … Read More »

CVS Customer Service

CVS offers a broad range of traditional, voluntary, and consumer-directed health insurance products and related services. The Company enables people, businesses, and communities to manage health in more affordable and effective ways. What is CVS? CVS is an American healthcare service. The company offers pharmacy benefit management (PBM) solutions, such as plan design and administration, formulary management, clinical… Read More »