Centerpoint Energy Customer Service

If you’re looking for outstanding customer service and unparalleled billing and energy efficiency solutions, Centerpoint Energy is the answer. Showcasing an extensive network of superior customer service abilities, Centerpoint Energy offers everything you need to keep your electricity running smoothly. From providing flexible and reliable services to offering financial assistance and advice, Centerpoint Energy is the perfect choice for any electrical needs you may have.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and services Centerpoint Energy offers to its customers.

Centerpoint Energy Customer Service
Centerpoint Energy Customer Service

How To Contact Centerpoint Energy Customer Service

By Phone

CenterPoint Energy allows customers to speak with a customer service representative by phone. They can be reached at 800-332-7143 from 7 am to 7 pm CST Monday through Friday.

With this option, customers can make payments, report outages, ask for statements, and discuss electric power offers. They can also get general customer service inquiries answered.

By Email

CenterPoint Energy customers may use the customer service email address customer.

support@centerpointenergy. com to get questions answered or requests for assistance.

Responses from customer service will be provided within 48 hours unless they require additional research.

By Social Media

Customers may access CenterPoint Energy’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media posts and messages are ideal for convenience and quick responses.

They can help people get the most updated information on outages and electric power offers.

Via The Website

The CenterPoint Energy website has multiple customer service options: customers can register an account, get electric power offers, report outages, view previous bills and payments, set up online payments, and many more.

Using Live Chat

CenterPoint Energy customers may use the Live Chat option on the website or mobile app to get quick responses to their customer service inquiries from 7 am to 7 pm CST Monday through Friday.

5 Reasons To Contact The Centerpoint Energy Customer Service

  • To report electric outages
  • To pay bills and make payments
  • To get customer service inquiries answered
  • To discuss electric power offers
  • To get general information and assistance

Alternative Energy Providers


Stream is an energy supplier that services areas in deregulated energy markets in the US. The company offers all renewable energy solutions to businesses and residential customers, including energy supply plans, energy efficiency solutions, and energy management services.

Pennywise Power

Pennywise Power is an energy supplier of electricity and natural gas services. It provides the same reliability and quality of service as traditional energy providers in deregulated Texas markets.

Direct Energy

Direct Energy is an electricity and natural gas provider that services residential and commercial customers in deregulated markets in the US. It offers competitively-priced and flexible options, as well as wind power solutions.

CenterPoint Energy is one of the leading energy providers in the US. It has established an effective customer service team to ensure that customers get the best service and experience possible. There are various contact methods available for customers – through phone, email, social media, and the website – to get the necessary assistance or answer their inquiries.

Customers can contact CenterPoint Energy customer service with several rationales, from general inquiries and paying energy bills to obtain energy offers and reporting electric outages. Other energy companies worth considering are Stream, Pennywise Power, and Direct Energy.

Overall, customers can easily contact CenterPoint Energy customer service with many benefits, such as convenience and quick responses, to get their inquiries and requests answered.

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