Disney Customer Service

Welcome to Disney’s customer service page! If you’ve ever been to a Disney amusement park, visited a Disney store, or watched a Disney movie, then you know that Disney does customer service right.

From the friendly staff at the rides and retail stores to helpful customer service reps on the phone and online, Disney understands that customer satisfaction is key. We’re here today to show you everything you need to know about Disney customer service, from where to get help to the different ways to contact customer service reps. So, let’s get started!

Disney Customer Service
Disney Customer Service

How To Contact Disney Customer Service


Disney’s customer service phone number is 0800 16 90 730. Representatives are available to assist you from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Friday and from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.


You can email Disney through their online contact forms. Visit help.disney. co.uk/contact and look for FAQs or request assistance.

Social Media

Disney’s official online presence is available on Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. Follow or like them to keep up with the latest news, offers and events.

5 Reasons To Contact Disney Customer Service

  • Requesting Refunds
  • Resolving Payment Disputes
  • Getting Gift and Promotional Codes
  • Accessing Technical Support
  • Cancelling Subscriptions

Alternate Companies


Universal Pictures is a production company founded in 191. Universal develops, produces, and distributes theatrical, home video, and online content.


Dreamworks Animation is an animation studio founded in 199. The studio develops, produces, and distributes feature films, television series, and multimedia entertainment.


The Fox Corporation is a media conglomerate founded in 198

The corporation produces movies, TV shows, and sports programming, as well as owns several broadcast and cable networks.

Disney customer service is available to support customers with all their needs. Whether you want to request a refund, resolve a payment dispute, access technical support, or cancel a subscription – Disney customer service can help. Alternatively, customers can check out Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Animation, or Fox Corporation for similar services.


Customers have a variety of options when seeking customer service from Disney and its related companies. From phone, email, and social media to alternate companies – customers can receive the necessary assistance from experienced teams.

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