GameStop Customer Service

GameStop Customer Service
GameStop Customer Service

Gamestop is one of the biggest video game and entertainment providers in the world.

With its vast selection of games, consoles, and accessories, it’s no wonder why many customers turn to them for their gaming needs.

As with any business, customer service can be a major concern for those that require assistance.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can contact GameStop customer service and what services they offer. 

Gamestop Customer Service Contact Details

Customer Service Phone Number(800) 883-8895

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Ways To Contact Gamestop Customer Service

1) Phone

If you need immediate assistance from a customer service representative at GameStop, the quickest way to get an answer is by calling one of their toll-free numbers provided on their website. The number listed on their website is (800) 883-8895.

2) Email

GameStop also provides a customer service email address where customers can send their inquiries and complaints. This email address is 

3) Live Chat

In addition to phone and email support, GameStop also offers live Chat on their website for customers who need to ask questions or get help with an issue quickly.

The live chat option can be found in the support section of the website. 

4) Social Media

You can reach out to Gamestop through various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. They usually respond within 24 hours. 

5) Mail

If you prefer to contact Gamestop by mail, you can write to their main office at 625 Westport Parkway, Grapevine, TX, 76051. 

5 Reasons to Contact Gamestop Customer Service: 

1) To ask for a refund or exchange. 

2) To check on order status. 

3) To get help with or troubleshoot a product. 

4) To inquire about special offers and discounts. 

5) To report problems with Gamestop’s website or services. 

3 Alternate Companies With Their Short Description

1) Best Buy

Best Buy is another popular video game retailer that offers several customer service options, such as phone support, email support, chat support, and social media support for customers who need assistance. 

2) Walmart

Walmart is another large retailer that also sells video games and accessories.

They offer a wide range of customer service options, including phone support, email support, and social media support. 

3) Target

Target is another large retailer that offers video games and gaming accessories.

Their customer service options include phone support, email support, and social media support for customers who need assistance quickly. 


Gamestop provides its customers with several ways to contact their customer service team if they have any questions or issues.

Whether it’s through the phone, email, live Chat, or even social media, customers can easily get in touch with a representative to resolve their issues as quickly as possible.

There are many other big retailers out there that offer similar services, such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. 

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