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Glock is the standard pistol brand in every aspect of design, engineering and also production. Keeping its legacy of performance,

durability, and reliability, it has established itself the best pistol brand for professionals, and consumers. 

Glock pistols service is for occupational, home defense, hunting, also personal defense because of its compact and standard design.

For queries regarding an order or cancel, refund, warranty, locate dealer, repair, pistol care, also safety action system or else, contact Glock Customer Service.

You can call Glock Customer Support on the Number provided below.

Contact Glock Customer Service

Glock Customer Service is available 24 hours on all 7 days.

The average waiting time would be around 3 to 4 mins.

Type Details
Customer Care Number770-432-1202

Alternatively, you can also contact on their official website and for any other queries related to our website at Customer service.

Facts about some of the pistols of GLOCK

  1. nDLC finish is exclusive to the GLOCK manufacturing process and the Gen5 models at this time. The finish increases protection against corrosion and scratching and improves the ability of the pistol to function in degreased or adverse conditions.
  2. Flared mag-well has a larger funnel for faster, smoother reloads, particularly in high-stress situations where fractions of seconds matter.
  3. GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) features a more aggressive polygonal rifling with a target-style crown and tighter chamber specs, which delivers improved accuracy.
  4. Ambidextrous slide stop levers offer increased ergonomics for left-hand shooters and shooting with the support hand.
  5. Removal of the finger grooves on the grip allowed for superior grip ergonomics and improved fit for various size hands.

More HandGun


One of the closest alternatives to the Glock 19 would have to be the CZ P10c. The P10c from CZ is a compact striker-fired handgun with a 15 round capacity. They offer regular and optics-ready models just like the Glock MOS system and have multiple options in terms of red dot optics. One of my favorite styling features of the P10c is the ergonomic feel of the slide and frame.

The dimensions between the Glock 19 and P10c are almost identical but the various palm swells and chamfer cuts on the slide make it seem smaller than the bulkier Glock ergonomics. Having similar dimensions to the Glock 19 means a level of holster compatibility as well. This doesn’t mean every Glock 19 holster can fit a CZ P10c but the majority do fit. The trigger is a crisp clean 5lbs trigger with a very positive reset which makes it incredibly easy to shoot. If you haven’t checked out the CZ line of striker-fired pistols, I strongly recommend checking them out because they are a great value for the money.

SIG Sauer XCompact

The XCompact from SIG is a great alternative to a Glock 19 based on its overall size. SIG took its modular Fire Control Unit and built a 15 round compact handgun that’s crazy easy to control and has an overall shorter length than the Glock 19. The XCompact is probably my favorite summertime carry besides its smaller brother, the P365. There are a few different compact magwell options to make reloading easier.

Having the XCompact in combination with the Fire Control Unit lets you have a small compact carry piece during the summer, but if you want to convert it over to a compensated range slayer, it only takes a few minutes along with a new barrel and frame. So with one serialized part, you can have multiple configurations which gives the P320 series a real case for versatility. If you haven’t checked out an XCompact yet, I seriously encourage you to give one a look at your local shop.

SIG Sauer P365

Just like James does on his lists, I’m going to throw a wild card on this list most of you will probably cry isn’t fair. The SIG Sauer P365 turned everyone’s head at the SHOT Show when it first came on the scene a few years ago. There are a couple different configurations of the handgun on the market and really it has set the standard for concealed carry pistols as a whole.

Being able to carry either the standard 10rd, 12rd, or extended 15 round magazine definitely gives the P365 the ability to be a compact yet extremely capable package for a wide variety of concealed carriers. My personal favorite configuration is having the XL slide on a regular P365 frame which gives shooters the ability to have longer sight radius while keeping the low profile lines of the smaller grip module. In my book, nothing beats this little guy for a lightweight summer carry option and for that it’s one of my favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Pistol and Handgun?

Handguns are guns which can be held and operated by one hand only. They can be carried easily and are small in size. They are differentiated into many different subtypes like: revolvers, pistols, Derringers, semi-automatic pistols, single-shot pistols, machine pistols, and pepperboxes.

Handguns were first developed in the 15th century, but it is not known who created them in the first place. Handheld firearms were first developed in China where gunpowder was first developed. Revolvers were developed in the 19th century, and “pistols” and “revolvers” developed with different mechanisms. In general language, people use the term “pistols” for almost all handguns.

Pistols and handguns are often synonymous, but technically pistols are those handguns which have one chamber only. Revolvers, however, are those handguns which have a cylinder which revolves and has multiple chambers. Stevens Maxim developed them in 1885. Pistols are of many different types:

Single-shot pistols
Semi-automatic pistols
Machine pistols
Multi-barreled pistols

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