LabCorp Customer Service

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LabCorp Customer Service
LabCorp Customer Service

Ways To Contact LabCorp Customer Service

Phone Call

The LabCorp customer service phone number is 1-800-845-616. Customers can call this number to ask questions about their accounts and appointments and to receive assistance with their current or previous LabCorp orders and services. Customers with hearing impairment can reach LabCorp customer service by calling 1-800-578-5600, which is a direct access telephone line for hearing-impaired callers.


Reach the LabCorp customer service team through email at The customer service team will respond to email inquiries within 24-48 hours.

Social Media

LabCorp customer service team is available to help through social media.

Customers can reach the LabCorp customer service team through their website,

5 Reasons To Contact The LabCorp Customer Service

  • To make or cancel an appointment
  • To ask about access to results
  • To inquire about a bill for services
  • To check the status of an order
  • To ask about potential services available

3 Alternate Companies

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics is a national provider of medical diagnostic testing services. Patients can go online to request an appointment, access their lab results, and use MyQuest to track their lab results.

LabCorp Of America

LabCorp of America is a national laboratory that provides laboratory services, such as blood testing, drug testing, and other medical diagnostics. Patients can make an appointment online and access their results through the website.


LifeLabs has locations throughout Canada and provides medical laboratory services, such as blood tests, genetic testing, drug testing, and other diagnostics. Patients can access their results online through the website or through the LifeLabs app.

Contacting LabCorp customer service is the best way to get the help and assistance needed to answer questions about their account or services. The customer service team provides quick and professional service to help customers get back on track with their health. Whether it is through a phone call, email or social media, customers can reach out to LabCorp customer service for help.

If a customer is unable to reach out to the LabCorp customer service team, there are other companies with excellent customer service teams, such as Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp of America and LifeLabs, that can offer assistance.

At the end of the day, LabCorp customers are able to receive the help they need in a timely manner from the customer service team. LabCorp customer service is reliable and can provide customers with quick and professional help that they need.

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