Mint Mobile Customer Service

Welcome to the ever-changing world of Mint Mobile Customer Service! If you’re looking for help with anything relating to your Mint Mobile service plan, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team of experts is here to provide you with personalized support and advice on every aspect of your plan – from setting up your plan and selecting a mobile package to managing your account and taking advantage of great promotions. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions – our customer service agents are happy to help. So let’s dive into what this article has to offer you!

Mint Mobile Customer Service
Mint Mobile Customer Service

Ways To Contact Mint Mobile Customer Service


Mint Mobile customer service is available toll-free at 1-800-683-7392, being reachable Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm PST, and Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm PST.


One may also contact Mint Mobile customer service via email at All emails should include contact information, including a telephone number and account number, if applicable.

Social Media:

Mint Mobile is available on Twitter @MintMobile and on Facebook at @MintMobile.

5 Reasons To Contact Mint Mobile Customer Service

  • Questions about account plans and bills
  • Issues with device activation
  • Tech support for problems with devices, lines and plans
  • Help with international roaming and domestic long-distance calls
  • Support for international traveler kits

Alternate Wireless Service Providers

Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk is a wireless provider that is owned by TracFone Wireless, using four of the major providers’ networks.

Straight Talk offers comprehensive customer service support and flexible plans.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Verizon Wireless and is a no-contract provider.

It also has flexible prepaid plans, international roaming options, and customer service support.


Ting is GSM-based and offers plans that can be customized to individual needs. It is owned by the mobile market pioneer Tucows, Inc. and uses Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks.


Mint Mobile customer service provides effective and prompt customer support for any Mint Mobile-related needs. Therefore, if you need assistance, phone, emailing, or an inquiry through social media might be your best option.

In addition to Mint Mobile, there are numerous other wireless service providers to consider, such as Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, and Ting. Each provider offers different plans, customer service support, and other benefits.

In conclusion, choosing the wireless provider that best meets your specific needs may be best done by doing research, reading reviews, and ultimately making personal phone contact with the customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate eSIM?

It’s pretty easy, and we walk you through the steps. Once you purchase your plan and select an ‘eSIM delivery’ then, you can choose to either activate your plan right away or activate it later in two easy steps.

1. Activate your plan. On the order confirmation page, there will be a large orange button, ‘Activate now’. Hit this if you wish to activate your plan immediately after purchase. If you want to wait, no problem. We will send you an email with the same link to activate at your leisure.

2. Install your eSIM. Once your plan is activated, then you will need to install the eSIM onto the eligible device you will be using Mint on. To do this, you will scan the QR code that appears on the screen after you activate your plan if you close the screen before scanning, again, no problem. We’ll be following up with an email that will contain the QR code.

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