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You shouldn’t be going out as often these days, and that makes it a great time to save some money on your data plan. Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T control the airwaves in the United States, but their plans are pricey.

If you can rely a little more on your home Wi-Fi, you can save a lot of money by switching to an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), a smaller wireless network that runs on one of those big carrier networks. 

What is Mint Mobile?

Mint Moblie is a mobile virtual network operator. It uses a network of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. It markets prepaid wireless services, internet plans, phones, and add-ons.

You may get 40% off on a 3-month plan. Along with 12 GB 4G LTE per month at just $ 15 per month. Also, you would unlimited Talktime and texting access. Ultra Mobile owns Mint Mobile. 

If you seek problems such as activating device or plan, returns, ordering the phone, accessing voicemail, renewing the plan, enabling mobile hotspot, exchanging plan or else.

You may simply go through the contact details of the Mint MobileCustomer Service team provided below.

Contact Mint Mobile Customer Service

The Mint MobileCustomer Service is available between 5 am to 7 pm. The average waiting time would be around 7 mins.

Email[email protected]
Customer Care Number1800-683-7392

Alternatively, you can also contact on their official website and for any other queries related to our website at Customer service.

Features of Mint Mobile

  1. It has seven-day guaranteed money back policy.
  2. Mint includes the personal hotspot usage for free for their customers.
  3. It has favorable feedback for its inexpensive rates and simple users.

Alternatives of Mint Mobile

Visible Wireless

Visible was our favorite until Mint unleashed its unlimited plan, but it’s still a great deal if you prefer Verizon’s coverage, which is sometimes better in rural areas. It’s owned by Verizon and uses its network exclusively.

It’s affordable for an unlimited plan, costing $40 per month for one line, including taxes and fees, and it comes with unlimited talk, text, and data.

The Visible Customer Service is available from Monday- Friday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. The average waiting is 7-8 minutes.

Google Fi

For the people who do not use much data, Google Fi is a perfect fit for them. You have to pay $20 for one line, and $10 for one gigabyte of data.

Whether you’re in the US or traveling in one of the 200-plus supported countries. It’s also prorated, so if you don’t use a whole gigabyte, you won’t get charged for a whole gigabyte.

The Google Fi Customer Service is available from Monday-Friday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. The average waiting time may vary.

Boost Mobile

Owned by Sprint for many years, Boost was bought by Dish Network when T-Mobile gobbled up Sprint last year.

It has five plans, from $10 to $45 a month, each with Wi-Fi hot spot data and unlimited talk and text. (The lowest tier has a 1-GB hot spot limit, which is pretty darn low if you connect it to a laptop to browse the web.) All the plans are competitively priced for the data and features offered.

The two top tiers, at $45 for 15 GB and $35 for 10 GB, are outright good deals, though you might be better off with Visible’s unlimited plan at those prices.

The Boost Customer Service is available from Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. The average waiting time is 4-5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate eSIM?

It’s pretty easy and we walk you through the steps. Once you purchase your plan and select an ‘eSIM delivery’ then you can choose to either activate your plan right away or activate it later in two easy steps. 1. Activate your plan On the order confirmation page there will be a large orange button ‘Activate now’. Hit this if you wish to activate your plan immediately after purchase. If you want to wait, no problem. We will send you an email with the same link to activate at your leisure. 2. Install your eSIM Once your plan is activated, then you will need to install the eSIM onto the eligible device you will be using Mint on. To do this you will scan the QR code that appears on the screen after you activate your plan. If you close the screen before scanning, again no problem. We’ll be following up with an email that will contain the QR code.

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