Moen Customer Service

Welcome to the discussion about Moen customer service. Moen is a renowned name in the plumbing industry and its products are renowned for their dependability and durability. Customer service is an important factor for any company and Moen’s customer service is no exception.

From the product warranty to after-sales service, this article covers everything that you need to know about Moen customer service. Whether you are looking for installation advice or filing a complaint, this article will help you stay engaged with Moen customer service.

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Moen Customer Service
Moen Customer Service

How To Contact Moen Customer Service?

Moen is one of the top brands worldwide when it comes to plumbing and kitchen fixtures. Their excellent customer service options make it one of the most sought-after and preferred companies for customers.

Whatever your query might be, the company will have you sorted out in no time. To contact their customer service department, you have a few different ways.


One way to instantly get answers from an expert is by using the Moen 27/7 Customer Service Phone Line. The number is: +1 (800) 289-663 Their representatives are both friendly and professional.


Another helpful way to contact Moen is by sending them an email. An email can be sent to Social MediaSocial media is also a great way to get in touch with Moen Customer Service. Their Twitter page is a great source of information and also allows customers to contact the company regarding their queries.

They are available on Twitter at @Moen.

5 Reasons To Contact Moen Customer Service

  • If you have any inquiries about Moen products.
  • To request replacement parts.
  • If you need help with installation.
  • To report any quality issues.
  • To ask for advice regarding product selection.

Alternate Companies


Delta offers an extensive line of plumbing fixtures like faucets, toilets, and showerheads. You can contact their customer service department by phone, email, or mail.


Kohler is well-recognized for its high-end bath products. Their customer service can be accessed by phone, email, chat, and social media.

American Standard

American Standard specializes in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Its customer service teams provide assistance via phone and social media answers.


Due to the availability of various means to contact Moen Customer Service, customers can easily get their queries sorted.

Contacting the company to ask any questions, place an order, and answer any queries quickly becomes quite easy. With one click of a button, customers can connect with an extensive customer service support system and get their queries answered.

In conclusion, Moen offers various customer service options, including phone, email, social media and more. It is one of the top brands when it comes to plumbing and kitchen fixtures. With its excellent customer service options, people are sure to get the help they need in no time. You can also try other brands such as Delta, Kohler and American Standard for similar services.

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