Sanyo Customer Service

Sanyo is a Japenese electronics company. It has provided a wide range of high-quality Smart television for you to experience the best of what you see.

With its amazing video and immersive audio quality, Sanyo televisions come in all sizes from 32 or below to 60 or +size. As well as casting wirelessly, already installed streaming apps, USB support, and phone apps support. It offers types of television, which suit consumer’s requirements, from an LED LCD TV, 4k Ultra HD tv, smart TV, to ROKO TV.

Sanyo Television can be purchased from Walmart, Sam’s Club or online stores as well.

For queries such as its parts & accessories, support for the device, turns off suddenly, setting, vertical line middle of the screen, refund policy, repair, installation, warranty period or other, contact Sanyo Customer Service. The contact details of Sanyo Customer Service are provided below.

Sanyo Customer Service is available at any time on all 7 days. Though, the average waiting time is 4 mins.


Customer Care Number: 1800-419-5088

Alternatively, you can also contact on their official website and for any queries related to our website at Customer Service.

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