Sephora Customer Service

Welcome to the world of Sephora! As a customer service-oriented beauty retailer, Sephora puts the satisfaction of its customers at the forefront of its mission.

In this article, we will explore the various ways Sephora offers top-notch customer support from step one of your shopping journey all the way to post-sale assistance. From live chat support to personalized beauty advice, Sephora provides a great customer service experience for both new and loyal customers alike. Whether you are looking to be educated on the latest beauty trends, find the perfect match for a recommended beauty product, or simply ask a question about a purchase you’ve made, Sephora has you covered.

So, let’s take a look.

Sephora Customer Service
Sephora Customer Service

Ways To Contact Sephora Customer Service

Phone Number

The best way to speak to a customer service representative from Sephora is to call 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672). Operating hours are 5 a.m. until 9 p. m. PACIFIC TIME (8 p. m.EST).


Sephora customer service representatives can also be contacted via email at service@sephora. com.

Online Chat

You can contact Sephora customer service representatives in real time via online chat.

Social Media

Sephora has an active customer service presence across social media.

They have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They can be contacted via any of their accounts, but their Twitter customer service team is typically the most active.

Five Reasons To Contact Sephora Customer Service

  • Find out about promotions and discounts
  • Ask questions about products
  • Get help with ordering, shipping, and returns
  • Find out more about Sephora loyalty programs
  • Get assistance with account issues and store problems

Alternatives To Sephora Customer Service

Urban Decay

Urban Decay has a customer service phone line, email address, live chat, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop has customer service phone lines, an email address, live chat, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Bare Minerals

BareMinerals has customer service phone lines, an email address, live chat, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.


Sephora provides a variety of methods for customers to contact customer service for assistance. Customers can contact Sephora through phone, email, online chat feature, or through their social media accounts. Customers might need to contact customer service for many reasons, including questions about promotions, products, shipping and returns, loyalty programs, and account issues. There are several other beauty retailers that also provide user-friendly contact channels and can serve as an alternative for customers needing customer service.

In conclusion, Sephora provides many ways for customers to contact customer service, from phone, to email, to chat, to social media. There are a variety of reasons for customers to need to contact customer services, such as promotions, questions about products, loyalty benefits, and account issues. Urban Decay, The Body Shop, and BareMinerals also have customer service channels, which may serve as a suitable alternative depending on the customer’s requirements.

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