SunPass Customer Service

As a SunPass customer, you know how convenient it is to have your toll-payment needs taken care of with ease and efficiency in mind. But what happens when something goes wrong, and you need dedicated customer service to help you out? This article will provide you with information on SunPass customer service and tell you exactly what you need to do if something goes wrong with your toll payments.

Take a few minutes to read on, and you’ll be on your way to getting your SunPass needs taken care of quickly and with no hassle.

SunPass Customer Service
SunPass Customer Service

How To Contact Sunpass Customer Service?

SunPass offers an array of customer service outlets for customers to contact with their queries. Customers are encouraged to make use of the below-mentioned channels for assistance:


SunPass offers a customer service telephone number at 1-888-865-5352 that is available on the following days and times: Monday to Friday: 8 am to 7 pm Saturday and Sunday: 8 am to 5 pm


Customers can use the “Contact Us” page on the official SunPass website to send mail about their queries.

Social Media:

Customers can always reach out to customer service on SunPass’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to get timely assistance.


Customers can opt to send a physical mail to Florida Department of Transportation’s SunPass Service Center at the mentioned address: Florida Department of TransportationSunPass Service CenterPO Box 14017Orlando, FL 32890

Web Portal:

Customers can get help online by visiting the “FAQ” page and “Customer Service” page on SunPass’s official web portal to get their queries answered.

5 Reasons To Contact SunPass Customer Service

  • Account Management: Get help with account management and setting up an account with SunPass.
  • Technical Support: Get technical help for the SunPass app or website.
  • Toll Disputes: Resolve any disputes you might have with SunPass toll roads.
  • Price Queries: Get answers to any queries you may have related to pricing.
  • Transaction History: Get help with understanding your account’s transaction history.

Alternatives To SunPass


EZ-Pass is an electronic toll collection system and uses the same system as SunPass. It is mainly used in the northeastern parts of the United States.


FasTrak is another electronic toll collection system that is mainly used on the west coast of the United States.


TollByPlate is a toll payment system commonly used in Florida that lets customers pay for their tolls by plate number.


It is always recommended that customers opt for whichever customer service outlet is convenient for them to get their queries resolved. SunPass offers a variety of customer service options for customers making the service easy and accessible from anywhere. In conclusion, SunPass has made it much easier for customers to contact customer service. Customers can now use any of the various options available, like call, email, social media, and mail, to get in touch with SunPass customer service, getting their queries answered in no time. Additionally, customers can also opt for some of the many alternatives to SunPass, like EZ-Pass, FasTrak, and TollByPlate, for their needs.

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