Unemployment Customer Service

Unemployment is among the several programs for workers and job seekers that the Employment Development Department of California offers to its local community. 

It is the unemployment insurance program offered to the people of California.

Therefore, the program seeks to facilitate benefits to those workers who have lost their jobs. 

To have the benefits of the program you may file a claim.

Then you must continue to Certify for benefits and look up to Eligibility Requirement.

Moreover, there are different claims for the type of unemployees’ need that one can choose.

Namely Regular Unemployment Insurance, Compensation for Federal Employees, also Disaster Unemployment Assistance and School Employer Claim, etc. 

For queries regarding partial claim, reporting fraud, filing new UI or reopening, requesting duplicate tax info or else, contact Unemployment Customer Support.

The contact details of the Unemployment Customer Service are provided below.

The Unemployment Customer Service is available from Monday through Friday between 8 am to 12 pm. The average waiting time is around 12 to 15 mins.

Customer Care Number: 1800-300-5616

Alternatively, you can also contact on their official website and for any other queries related to our website at Customer service.

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