Whirlpool Customer Service

Whether you’ve just purchased a Whirlpool appliance or have been using one for years, you know that the product itself is part of a great customer experience. But your Whirlpool journey doesn’t have to end when you leave the store.

With up-to-date Whirlpool customer service information, you can rely on the same quality service that comes with every Whirlpool product. From helpful FAQs to convenient contact options, Whirlpool customer service provides support when you need it most. In this guide, you’ll not only find helpful tips for getting the most out of your Whirlpool appliances, but you’ll also find the contact information you need for all of your customer service inquiries.

Whirlpool Customer Service
Whirlpool Customer Service

Why Contact The Whirlpool Customer Service?

Having had a great experience with your Whirlpool appliance, including your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and air conditioner, you might find yourself in need of contacting their customer service.

Whether you are looking for information on repair and maintenance or you want to make inquiries about the latest Whirlpool products, here are a few reasons why you should contact their customer service:

  • To get product-related information
  • To make product inquiries
  • To get repair and maintenance advice
  • To get help understanding your warranty
  • To get a resolution for product-related issues

How To Contact The Whirlpool Customer Service

Here are some of the ways you can use to contact the Whirlpool Customer Service:


You can contact Whirlpool Customer Service at 1-800-253-130. Their customer service representatives are available to take your calls from Monday to Friday between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm.


You can also contact Whirlpool Customer Service via email at servadmin@whirlpool. com.

Social Media

Whirlpool also offers customer service on their social media channels, such as on Twitter and on Facebook.

Alternative Companies

Here are some alternative companies you might consider if you are looking for help with your Whirlpool appliances:

GE Appliances

GE Appliances is an American appliance manufacturer that offers quality and reliable products, including washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

GE Appliances has a dedicated customer service line that offers repair and maintenance advice for all of its products.

Bosch Home Appliances

Bosch Home Appliances is a German appliance maker that offers a wide range of home appliances such as dishwashers, cooking ranges, and air conditioners.

The company also has a comprehensive customer service support system that offers repair and maintenance advice for its products.

LG Electronics

LG Electronics is one of the leading global manufacturers of home appliances such as washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators. They offer a wide range of products and have a dedicated customer service line that assists customers with repairs and maintenance advice.


In conclusion, whether you have an issue with your Whirlpool appliance or you are looking for product-related information, you can easily contact Whirlpool customer service. They offer various ways to contact customer service representatives, such as by phone, email, and social media. If you would prefer to seek assistance from an alternative company, you can consider GE Appliances, Bosch Home Appliances, or LG Electronics.

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