Aetna Customer Service

Aetna Customer Service
Aetna Customer Service

When it comes to finding the right healthcare provider, Aetna Customer Service is a great resource.

With over 150 years of experience and a wide network of providers across America, Aetna has been helping individuals and families make important healthcare decisions since 1853.

The customer service team at Aetna provides quality support to its members in order to make sure they receive the best possible service and information.

This blog aims to inform readers about how to contact Aetna’s customer service representatives for any questions or concerns regarding their healthcare plans. 

Aetna Customer Service Contact Details

Customer Service Phone Number 1-800-872-3862

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Ways To Contact Aetna Customer Service

1. Telephone 

Members can call 1-800-872-3862 between 7 am and 7 pm EST, Monday to Friday.

2. Email 

To contact Aetna Customer Service via email, members can fill out a form on the website and submit it online. 

3. Chat 

There is also an online chat service available on the website for members who prefer to communicate over text messages instead of telephone calls. 

4. Social Media 

Members can connect with Aetna Customer Service through their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages as well. 

5. Mail 

Members can send a letter, or postcard addressed to the company’s headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut, which is located at P O Box 1843 Hartford CT 06144-1843, USA.

5 Reasons to Contact The Company’s Customer Service

1. To get detailed information about the different health care plans that Aetna offers. 

2. To get help navigating the website and understanding all of its features. 

3. To make changes to an existing plan or to enroll in a new one if desired. 

4. For assistance in managing payments, setting up automatic deductions, and budgeting for healthcare costs. 

5. To obtain answers to any general questions or concerns that members may have about their health care coverage through Aetna.  

3 Alternate Companies With Their Short Description

1. Humana 

Humana is another major health insurer that provides customers with affordable options and individualized service plans tailored to each customer’s unique needs. 

2. UnitedHealthcare 

With a network of over 1 million care providers, UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to helping customers get the best possible health insurance coverage for their budget. 

3. Cigna 

Cigna is an international health service provider that offers comprehensive medical and dental coverage as well as access to specialists in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. 


Aetna Customer Service provides quality assistance to its members so they can make informed decisions about their healthcare plans.

Members are able to contact Aetna Customer Service through telephone, email, chat, and social media services, as well as mail for any questions or concerns regarding their existing plan or enrolling in a new one.

Additionally, there are several other health insurance companies, such as Humana, UnitedHealthcare, and Cigna, that offer comprehensive coverage for those looking to switch providers or obtain more affordable options. 

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