Verizon Fios Customer Service

Verizon Fios Customer Service
Verizon Fios Customer Service

Do you have a question regarding your Verizon Fios service or need technical support?

You can easily contact the company’s customer service department through phone, email, chat, and other methods.

Here are all of the ways to get in touch with the company’s customer service team and five reasons why you should reach out to them. 

Verizon Fios Customer Service Contact Details

CompanyVerizon Fios
Customer Service Phone Number1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966)

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Ways To Contact Verizon Fios Customer Service

1. Call

The easiest way to reach Verizon Fios Customer Service is by calling their number at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966).

Have your account information handy when you call so that they can quickly look up your account details.

2. Chat

Want an immediate response? You can use the company’s website to chat with a customer service representative. 

3. Email

If you would rather communicate through email, you can send your query to Verizon Fios Customer Service at 

4. Social Media

You can also reach out through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for assistance with your account or a technical issue.

5. In-person

If you need help with installation or troubleshooting, you may want to visit a nearby retail location for personalized assistance from an expert technician.

Five Reasons To Contact Verizon Fios Customer Service

1. To Sign Up For New Services: 

If you are interested in signing up for Verizon Fios services, contacting customer service is the best way to get started. 

2. To Manage Your Account 

You can call customer service to update your billing information, make changes to your plan or check in on any recent orders.

3. To Troubleshoot Technical Issues

If you are experiencing technical issues with your Verizon Fios services, customer service will be able to help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue. 

4. To Ask Questions About Plans & Packages: 

Customer service representatives can answer any questions you have about different plans and packages that are available through Verizon Fios. 

5. To Get A Status Update On An Order

If you have placed an order for new services or equipment, contacting customer service is the best way to get a status update. 

Alternate Companies 

1. AT&T

This telecommunications company offers a wide range of services and also has an extensive customer service team that can be reached through phone, email, chat, and more. 

2. Comcast Xfinity

This internet service provider offers cable packages as well as home security and automation services.

Their customer service department is available through multiple channels, including phone, chat, and email. 

3. Charter Spectrum 

Charter Spectrum is another internet service provider with a variety of options for residential customers in select areas of the US.

You can contact their customer service department by phone or online chat to get help with any questions you may have about their services or plans. 


Verizon Fios customer service can be reached through multiple channels, including phone, chat, email, and social media.

Whether you are signing up for services or need technical support, their team of representatives is available to help.

Additionally, there are several other telecom companies that offer customer service teams with similar contact options.

With so many ways to get in touch with customer service representatives from Verizon Fios or alternate providers, it’s easy to get the assistance you need quickly and conveniently. 

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