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By | June 30, 2021

After Covid-19, grocery delivery has become one of the most important services that are to be provided to people.

As it helps in maintaining social distancing, also known as physical distancing by reducing the trips to supermarkets. 

Even without Covid-19, grocery delivery is a nice option if you have a busy lifestyle, or you don’t have a grocery store near your house, or you are homesick. 

Some grocery deliveries are now available, offering a wide variety of options, prices, points, and delivery times.

What is Walmart?

Walmart is an American multinational company that operates a chain of hypermarkets, grocery and discount department stores. 

Its product assortment includes Halloween supplies, electronics & office supplies, clothing, footwear and accessories, home furniture, appliances, and improvement products.

As well as toys, games, pharmacy, health and beauty products, sports and fitness items, also art and craft supplies.   

For queries regarding orders, canceling products, return policy, defective or damaged item, size chart, tracking order, reporting missing items, or else, contact Walmart customer support.

The contact details of Walmart Customer Service are provided below.

Contact Walmart Customer Service

The Walmart Customer service is available from Monday to Friday between 7 am to 9 pm. Otherwise, on Saturday between 9 am to 9 pm. However, the average waiting time is 33 mins. 

Email[email protected]
Customer Care Number1800-741-5367

Alternatively, you can also contact on their official website and for any other queries related to our website at Customer service.

Features of Walmart

  1. Free pickup at the store. 
  2. Excellent prices. 
  3. Delivery from local stores.
  4. Also has non-grocery products. 
  5. Pickup Accepts SNAP EBT. 

Alternatives of Walmart

Amazon Fresh

Amazon has expanded  its online retail services expertise to groceries as well, with the name of Amazon Fresh. It is a grocery delivery and pickup service that is available in some cities.

The members of Amazon Prime enjoy the free access to Amazon Fresh.

If you are a new user of Amazon Prime, then you will have to show interest in services of Amazon Fresh, and wait for its invitation to get an access to its free services. 

The Amazon Fresh Customer Service is available from Monday-Saturday. The average waiting time is 3-4 minutes.


Instacart permits you to shop from various stores in your local area like Costco, CVS, Ralph’s, BevMo, Petco, and more. Shoppers subcontracted by instacart get you your item at your doorstep. 

The Instacart Customer Service is available from Monday-Saturday. The average waiting time is 3-4 minutes.


The main priority of FreshDirect is giving away the quality, fresh, organic food along with a short supply chain, having a tie-up with its local farm, dairies, fisheries, and other food partners.

FreshDirect shoppers receive your order from a company’s facility, and not from local grocery stores.

It offers you with a very large inventory of products ranging from specialty goods to supermarket fundamentals.

You can shop directly from Fresh Direct website or app that is designed for both iOS and Android. 

The FreshDirect Customer Service is available from Monday-Saturday. The average waiting time is 3-4 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a Grocery Delivery Service?

There are several factors that should be kept in mind while choosing a Grocery Delivery Services. 

Firstly, choosing the grocery delivery services, depends on which services are available in your area. 

Next you will consider the grocery delivery service that fulfills your dietary needs and preferences. You should also examine and compare the prices. If you are going to order once in a month or week then you should go for less cost delivery services. 

Finally, you should consider things like same-day delivery, how their customer services are, how is their app and website are. 

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